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Bob Bitchin


Bob Bitchin has journeyed thousands of miles across the globe, by Harley-Davidson, or carried by the winds on his bluewater sailboat, Lost Soul. Along the way, he's written books, created publications such as Tattoo, Biker News, Latitudes & Attitudes, and worked as an editor on publications as distinct as his personality - Easyrider, Penthouse, Hustler, and Forbes.

He's explored the South Pacific, sailed the Panama canal, the Mediterranean, Caribbean - anywhere the wind and fortune carried him. He's ridden with numerous motorcycle clubs across the U.S. and Europe, including the Hells Angels.

In his 50 plus years of motorcycling and seafaring, Bob has ruined hundreds, probably thousands of lives, by encouraging people to take the leap and actually live the life they dream of. He has always believed, and always will, that a person should live their dream, and what makes an ordeal or adventure, is Attitude.


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